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Risks Arising from Non-Operation at Registered Business Address

The article concentrates on the risks arising from non-operation at registered business address.
Legal Updates

Legal Update. July 2023

This Legal Update covers the following:  VAT is cut by 2 percent from 01 July 2023. Stricter lending regulations. Foreign standard to design and test fire prevention and fighting systems and equipment.
Legal Updates

Legal Update. May 2023

This May Legal Update covers the following: Extending deadline for tax payments and land rental fee in 2023. VAT from 10% to 08%. Condotels, officetels to get ownership certificates. Credit institutions allowed to reschedule repayment terms.
Legal Updates Taxation

Legal Update. April 2023

This April Legal Update covers the following: Amendments to regulations on corporate bond issuance. Solutions to resolve difficulties and promote safe, healthy and sustainable development of real estate market. Obligation to pay value-added tax...
Legal Updates

Legal Update. March 2023

This March Legal Update covers the following:  Novelties on bank-guarantee for off-plan housing. 04 remarkable new points of Law on Anti-Money Laundering 2022. Vietnam to strengthen the management of the collection of tax on businesses...
Legal Updates

Legal Update. February 2023

This February Legal Update covers the following: Government cuts land rents by 30% for Covid-hit businesses. Criteria for determining components exempt from import tax for the production of IT products. New guidance on one-way money transfers...
Legal Summary

Taxation liabilities for enterprise suspension at a glance

This article concentrates on taxation liabilities of an enterprise when suspending its business.
Legal Updates Others

Legal Update. December 2022

This December Legal Update covers the following: Guidance on tax obligations when enterprises set up and use the Fund for Science and Technology Development. Orientation of Vietnam’s National Master Planning for the period of 2021...
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