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Providing legal support for the operations of Vietnamese businesses including foreign invested businesses has been at the core of the practice of BLG.  Our lawyers have extensive experience working with major international and domestic corporations in general corporate and regulatory matters ranging from tax, compliance, labor, environment and intellectual property and international trade matters including anti-dumping.

BLG also regularly advise clients on their commercial arrangements, such as franchising, outsourcing, distribution and agency arrangements. Industry sectors in which BLG developed a large footprint include the consumer, retail, healthcare, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and TMT sectors.

Regulatory frameworks are constantly evolving across sectors in Vietnam, becoming more and more comprehensive    to promote increased transparency, efficiency and global and regional regulatory integration.

We regularly advise our clients, including most of the major multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers operating in Vietnam, to deal effectively with regulatory and compliance issues.  We also assist our clients with investigations of bribery, money-laundering and sanctions issues.

With Vietnam shifting at the forefront of the international global supply chain, our teams have gained an extensive experience in investigations and reviews for the application of anti-dumping measures in a large portfolio of industry sectors.

In cross-border and trade issues matters, we often partner with leading international and regional firms.

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