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Foreign Investment

Vietnam’s low labor costs, strong prospective growth and recent accession to the WTO Commitments have made it an ideal place for prospective investors to launch their commercial operations. However, despite the attraction, investors are often faced with procedures dense in regulatory compliance, governmental approvals and administrative delays.

At BLG, our lawyers have the legal expertise to simplify this process. Together with our relationships with various government authorities and knowledge across an array of industry sectors, our lawyers are familiar with navigating through the maze of Vietnamese regulations. Our impressive track record is the result of our tried and true method of establishing some of the most successful companies in Vietnam. To that end, we make it our aim to get our clients’ business up and running in the most time and cost efficient manner as possible.

Our clients have benefited from our broad range of services in our foreign investment practice, including in:

  • Establishing and structuring business ventures
  • Licensing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Equity acquisitions
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