Legal Updates

Legal Update. May 2023

This May Legal Update covers the following: Extending deadline for tax payments and land rental fee in 2023. VAT from 10% to 08%. Condotels, officetels to get ownership certificates. Credit institutions allowed to reschedule repayment terms.
Legal Updates

Legal Update. February 2023

This February Legal Update covers the following: Government cuts land rents by 30% for Covid-hit businesses. Criteria for determining components exempt from import tax for the production of IT products. New guidance on one-way money transfers...
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Legal Update. January 2023

This January Legal Update covers the following:  Piloting a number of specific policies to develop Buon Ma Thuot city. Vietnam to strengthen the prevention of transfer pricing in FDI enterprises. New regulations on registration of security...
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Legal Update. December 2022

This December Legal Update covers the following: Guidance on tax obligations when enterprises set up and use the Fund for Science and Technology Development. Orientation of Vietnam’s National Master Planning for the period of 2021...
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Restructuring process and notes for an enterprise without a Grassroots Trade Union

The article concentrates on the restructuring causing the dismissal of a number of employers in an enterprise without a grassroots trade union overview of representative office of a foreign enterprise in Vietnam.  
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Legal Update. October 2022

This October Legal Update covers the following: The rate of premiums for unemployment insurance from October 2022. New rules set in Decree No. 53/2022/ND-CP to better ensure cyber security. Inspection of the charter capital increase and...
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